Settling into Harmony

This morning I received a post about the celebration of F.M. Alexander’s 150th birthday. I enjoyed the photos of teachers working together in Australia and the ease with which  they sat, stood and inclined towards each other.  Just looking at their photo helped me to feel more space in my self.  Whenever I come across a description of Alexander work  that captures the quality of this work that has become my lifelong practice, I want to share it.  My hope is that others will better understand what the Alexander Technique has to offer us in our everyday lives.

‘… the key to his success was when he changed his negative thinking.  “You have to go ‘I’m going to invite my head to be in a different relationship with my spine so that everything changes. His body expanded, his breath improved, his voice came back so I think the real essence is that positive thinking, that we need to redefine our activities in the positive and give our body gentle guidance.”’                        Penny McDonald, Alexander Teacher


Alexander teacher Janette Costin began learning the method 32 years ago and found it helped her overcome chronic pain in her neck and back.  She said modern technology and    habits were narrowing and constricting the body for many people.


“A lot of it comes down to how we respond to all the different stimuli in our life… whether that be a physical or emotional response and that will begin a habit that isn’t particularly useful to us.


“So it really is interrupting our natural coordination and our breathing coordination in particular that then can set up a bit of anxiety in our system and [Alexander Technique] is a really lovely way to settle things into some harmony. It’s wonderful.”

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