During this time

To care for the safety of all of us,  I am teaching a limited number of in person lessons with  modifications. 

For in person lessons, I am currently teaching in a modified space on my sheltered lanai to allow maximum ventilation. We wear masks throughout the lesson  (and shields for myself), keep distancing between hands-on instruction time.  I ask that you observe the usual wellness precautions. 

For online instruction, there are still benefits to beginning the Alexander Technique at this time, without hands-on instruction.   During online lessons we do guided lying down practice, to learn to be more present in yourself, especially during stressful or fearful times. We explore the ways in which we are responding, that we may not be so aware of, that may add to discomfort, headaches, pain, anxiety and depression.

However, whenever it is possible to be safe, and if you feel comfortable, based on my experience I recommend that you choose to learn in person. 


“Life is not a tension anywhere except in the minds of humanity. To take life with ease, without any tension, without any hurry — that is not laziness, that is easiness.” Osho