Personal Experience with Alexander lessons

I have been working on my Alexander Technique practice with Jill Guillermo-Togawa for over fifteen years. I first came to A.T. because I had persistent lower back pain that seemed inconsistent with my age and physical fitness level. I was looking for a way to more mindfully inhabit my structure, and see if I could reorganize my physical habits, thereby decreasing the discomfort in my lower back. Jill’s patient, intuitive, insightful guidance helped me to become more aware of how I was using–or, really overusing my structure, and unintentionally causing myself discomfort. I have been pain-free in my lower back ever since those first few sessions with Jill. 

 Her ability to explain the concepts and guide the student into her/his own awareness is remarkable.

Creating Ease

Every act of refusal is also an act of assent.  Every time we say no to consumer culture, we say yes to something more beautiful and sustaining.  Life is not something we go through or that happens to us; it’s something we create by our decisions.

Kathleen Dean Moore    If Your House Is On Fire

Studying the Alexander Technique, we learn that the most profound changes often happen when we stop trying.