Quotes from students

Jill’s gentle touch and subtle adjustments contributed to amazing ease in my body.      

                                    Susan Almazol

 Jill’s touch encourages the body to connect. Her gentle touch shifts the body to center….Head aligned over spine, spine grounding body to legs, legs to earth. After a lesson I feel a sense of calm and my body feels as if it is floating as I walk.

Sandra Easley

The best thing about learning some Alexander technique from Jill are the word and body cues she gives to help remember how to move with ease and freedom during regular life. Jill is a student centered teacher who helped me find stress free ways to change my normal way of walking, sitting, standing and being still. I left each class feeling relaxed but high energy, ready to take on whatever came next. Thank you is too small a word for the gifts she brings.

                                    Gail Steinberg

My head was suddenly free from a feeling of being tightly attached to my neck, to feeling like it was floating free though still attached.

Also i was able to get up off the floor (I’m 71) without using my hands by leading with my relaxed neck and head  heading upwards into the sky.

                                      Ellen Levin

I first came to A.T. because I had persistent lower back pain that seemed inconsistent with my age and physical fitness level. I was looking for a way to more mindfully inhabit my structure, and see if I could reorganize my physical habits, thereby decreasing the discomfort in my lower back. Jill’s patient, intuitive, insightful guidance helped me to become more aware of how I was using–or, really overusing my structure, and unintentionally causing myself discomfort. I have been pain-free in my lower back ever since those first few sessions with Jill.      

                                      Janna Plant

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