“Keeping and Losing” our Balance as we age

I have spoken with a number of women over 65, who are concerned about losing their balance.  Who are concerned about falling and who feel they are less in balance than they used to be.  Walking, an activity that many of us enjoy or use to get from one place to another, is the act of falling and catching ourselves, over and over and over.

So, if we are afraid to fall then the simple activity of walking can lose its enjoyment and become a cause of stress.   When applying the Alexander Technique you are walking with all your parts of your body working together, allowing your joints to move with as much flexibility as is possible for you.   As you fall into the next step you have the sense that you will be there to catch yourself.

When we can walk where and when we want, we can maintain a sense of independence and freedom that is valuable as we grow older. We may also experience the joy and delight we walked with when we were very young.

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